The Cure For PE

The Cure For PE

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Our main focus has been to establish the defacto cure pe internet library so that all men can once and for all access this information freely.  The stories that you will read are real and offer practical solutions based on years of personal trial-and-error. Decades of confusion and longing for answers have been replaced by the knowledge only a group of men with the same pre ejaculation problem could offer. Instead of the same old regurgitated misinformation, we are offering a fresh look at a serious issue facing millions of men.


Learn To: Isolate Patterns and Eliminate Them Forever


We tell you our personal stories – how we were faced with the odds of ruined marriages, inability to maintain sexual relationships, addictions to porn, unhealthy masturbation habits all while searching to cure pe. And instead of dishing out myths and rumors, we tell you exactly how it is. The truth is that premature ejaculation is a habit. It is a very bad habit. The inability to stop premature ejaculation is the net result of a series of events in your lifetime that have taken control of you. The only treatment to cure pe, in our view, is to completely refocus your entire existence and acquire new behavior patterns. We don’t offer up plates of theory; we consider each of our cases separately and then we dissect them. We break them down individually, as each of us dealt with the situation at hand differently. Our game plans were unique, but they seemed to work for each of us.


The Elixir of Life is Not One Miracle Product


There is not one cure for premature ejaculation. That myth perpetuated on the Internet with the one-page sales letters is a lie. Sure, you can take a pill, use a cream or jerk off with a masturbation sleeve, but you still haven’t dealt with the issue at hand. The problem clearly is that in some form or another, you are not able to have intercourse for any length of time. That inability to control your ejaculation is causing you deep distress. You may have a ruined marriage to show for it, possibly embarrassment from women you have dated, and personal shame, guilt and feelings of inadequacy haunt you. We know all too well about all of those feelings.


We present a problem and then offer a solution within our dialog to cure pe. We each had ingrained problems, indicative of our situations. And we each dealt with the dilemma in our own way, but it worked. We just started at the beginning and we all met up at the end.


So, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, come along for the ride. Start at the beginning and work your way through as we take you on a trip inside our world. Open the door and step through as we are finally faced with the fact that we are basically one-minute impresarios, unable to satisfy a woman and left feeling ashamed. We end up taking masturbation to a whole new level and deepening the divide between sex and romance. Eventually, an event happens in all of our lives that stop us in our tracks and we are left to deal with the situation. To each of ours amazement, we realize that of all things that could have ever happened, we have complicated the situation to the extreme! The answer lies in learning new habits…except, this time, we have to learn them slowly. We start with one little simple thing that increases our stamina in bed an extra minute. We continue on that one little trick for a month or so, until we feel very comfortable with it. We see progress and keep moving.


How to Reclaim the Virgin in Your Psyche


Then, we incorporate another little trick that adds another minute or so to our sexual endurance. Not bad-now we’ve each added a few minutes to our usual 1-minute sideshow. We rinse and repeat for the remaining month again. We take on another new skill and we do it all over again. Are you getting the point now? It’s really not brain surgery. We have developed a winning plan for learning new skillsets that reprogram our minds and bodies! It doesn’t just train our penis to hold on but it also reprograms our entire being so that we can relate to women in an entirely different manner than ever thought possible. This is not just about our dicks anymore; it’s now become the 1st step in our cure pe formula that transcensds  something much deeper.

What we don’t do is break down all of the science and physics because it doesn’t really matter anyway. We also accept that an airplane can fly and don’t really question that either on a daily basis. What matters is if you can come up with a plan and stick with it. What matters is that you can follow simple instructions and be elementary for a bit. You have to have a plan or there’s no telling where you’ll end up and what you’ll end up doing.



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