My Premature Ejaculation Story

My Premature Ejaculation Story

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My particular premature ejaculation story may be a slight bit different than some of the other guy’s stories here. See, my situation actually came to a head one day while visiting my internist, who I had known for years.

You never can talk to your friends about everything. There are lots of things that we’d discuss, but premature ejaculation just wasn’t one of them. We’d talk about football, sports betting, our wives, the dog, hunting- all sorts of stuff – just not the fact that any of us was experiencing any sort of issue concerning lasting longer in bed. I think that’s just pretty normal for guys. Anyway, on with the story.

I had to go in for my regular check up stuff and was talking to my internist about a car he had just purchased. After a bit, the conversation changed. He asked about the wife. I replied how long we had been married. He asked if we still had a good sex life. I chuckled that we had been together too damned long. He asked if I was experiencing any difficulties performing. I was a little embarrassed. He could obviously tell. That’s when it all came out.


I admitted that I had always had a problem with coming too quickly but had just accepted it since I didn’t know when. The thing was, it had gotten worse through the years.




My wife and I never really discussed it but it was an issue for me and I know it had to have been for her, too. I really wanted to learn how to delay my premature ejaculation and be able to please her and myself. I just couldn’t. For some unknown reason, I could barely make it past a minute or so. That had turned me into the minuteman and I just hated it. In an attempt to fix it, I had tried all sorts of things like Viagra and other pills. That just didn’t seem to help. For me, there seemed to be something inside of me that couldn’t slow down or stop. In the process I tried pills, hypnosis, Indian medicine and a counselor with no success. I guess I just kind of threw my hands up and took up building benches in the garage.

Needless to say, all that time, I was convinced that I had a physical problem. I thought that for some reason, something in me was totally out-of-whack and that it needed a medical fix. Actually, my premature orgasm was an effect of being out-of-whack, but it wasn’t a physical or genetic disorder.

Back to the doctors office story…  I could not believe what I was hearing from my internist. The explanation was so simple and so common sense that I was embarrassed. Why had I never thought of that before? How come it never occurred to me to try these few simple steps?

Ultimately, I was shocked to learn that premature orgasm was the number one sexual complaint from men under fifty. For so long, I thought that I was in a very small percentile of men with this issue.


What I walked away with that day was definitely a cure for me. To find out that there were a small number of baby steps that I could take to start the process of retraining myself to delay premature ejaculation was simply incredible to me. I had really made it difficult. I had taken one of the simplest pleasures in life and complicated it to the hilt. I was in total disbelief with myself.


What I am talking about is this: I slowly retrained myself as if I were a virgin. I learned to control my ejaculations using different tools. My first tool was ejaculation cream. While I’m not a huge fan of using it, it did help me to concentrate on something else besides my own personal sensations. The reason is quite frankly because ejaculation cream is intended to numb your penis. As a beginners tool, that’s really a good thing. I had to remember that I had to learn to crawl before I could walk. Premature ejaculation cream helped me crawl for a little while. I was able to go another minute or two longer than usual and that was a big deal to both me and to my wife.

Now I’m not making any claims that premature ejaculation cream was what cured me of my premature ejaculation. What it did do for me was stand in as my first tool. With that said, I was able to move on to other tools that helped me climb the ladder.

The mind, working in conjunction with the body, is an amazing thing. At that point in my life, I needed a tool that could slow my body and mind down just a little bit. I knew that if I could continue holding out a little longer that I would eventually get in the habit of repeating that behavior and memorizing how to delay premature ejaculation.  After all, I had repeated the same minuteman behavior for years. Why couldn’t I repeat the behavior of going a little bit longer? It made sense to me.


When I say the word “cure” in relation to my premature orgasm problem that I experienced for decades, I am totally sincere.  What you just read is my story of the first step that I took in an ongoing series of steps to cure my premature ejaculation. It’s not something that any man will fix overnight. After all, you didn’t get there overnight.


What is here on this site are many men’s stories-kind of like an A.A. meeting where everyone has their own story but the ending is the same. Every one of us has the same ending and that is quite simply this: we no longer suffer from premature ejaculation. We each arrived at the end point by a different means but we all got there.





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