Stop Ejaculating Early

Stop Ejaculating Early

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The Lazyman’s Pocket Guide on How To Stop Ejaculating Early.



It’s not a damned secret, but…everything that we end up being good at requires Practice. That’s just an inevitable fact. So, How Can I Stop Ejaculating Early? In order to eventually get our groove on, we have to repeat, repeat and repeat. On the first repeat we’ll usually make a mistake or two. On the second repeat, we remember what got us on the first one, right? After however many repetitions, Finally the light bulb goes off! When the light bulb does go off, we are at a point where we can fine-tune the exercise.


Truth be known, not having the ability to stop ejaculating early before you intend to is not a mental disorder and it’s not usually a physical ailment either. It simply boils down to learning a new skill set, in much the same way that you learn a trade. Think of it this way-your barber wasn’t born cutting hair. He or she had to learn geometrical form first. After they learned form, they practiced on other people, learning new techniques along the way. And you know what? Most of their customers during that learning period would never have known they were fresh out of school if they had not told them!


Practice! Practice! Practice!


I’m dead serious about practice. It’s time to learn a new trick to stop ejaculating early and it needs to be completely separate from the art of masturbation. Masturbating is simply a means to an end-that’s not what you want to develop. You will be training to master the technique of withholding your own pleasure. After all, the magic key to lasting longer in bed and not ejaculating early lies in Training yourself to hold it. Before you work yourself up to this bad boy, I do recommend that you check out my article on Kegels. Kegel exercises Will develop some serious PC muscles if you do them consistently. You can even do them standing up at work. No one will ever know unless you do the Kegel where you stick your finger up your butt. You will be performing the equivalent of pulling a 50-lb barbell on your arm daily, as far as your PC muscles go. Now, imagine the barbell equivalent happening to the muscles that you need the most. Are you seeing it now?


As I state repeatedly throughout the site, stopping a quick ejaculation is so much more than one pill, or one cream or one device. It’s actually a series of a number of them that you use simply as tools. I would like for you to view it as a series of events. I will walk you through numerous options [and I have tried them all, believe me] There’s nothing wrong at all in using a crutch until you can hold yourself up. Crutches are great tools for training. Picking out the right tools for the right job are even more important. I do have a monster tool for you that is definitely a premier tool to use that can assist you in delaying orgasm and finally train yourself to resist the urge to ejaculate early.



The Best Tool To Improve Your Sexual Stamina



What’s so very cool about this masturbation sleeve is that the material used in the insert is a US Patent that is called ‘Real Feel Superskin’. In effect, the inner sleeve [which are available in either vulva, anus and mouth inserts] feels just like flesh – inside and out! You can even pick the texture for the inside of the sleeve along with the diameter of the sleeve opening. Use the Fleshlight as a means of practicing and familiarizing yourself in the act of extended intercourse. At this point in the game, you just have to develop the skill and ability to hold it.

There has been tons of research, both clinical and medical, that state that premature ejaculation is a direct result of masturbation. Couldn’t be farther from the truth! Masturbation for men is the direct result of having to hurry up and do it before you get caught. That’s part of the problem. There’s nothing wrong with you except you are going to need to educate yourself a bit and pick a couple of tools that seem right for you and….GO With IT! Practice, Practice, Practice. You’re not back at your Moms anymore having to jerk off in a hurry. Find a space somewhere for yourself and practice. Practice is what it will take to stop ejaculating early!

As you do practice, you will need to have done the Kegel exercises for 4-5 days ahead of time. The beauty of the Kegels is that they will train you to start ‘holding it’ and in a very nonchalant way. After you’ve been Kegelized a bit, it will be time to move on to the monster. But…Get Ready. This thing will drag you around the room if you let it. Your only goal here is to take your time, get higher and higher and then HOLD IT! You know the next thing, right? REPEAT. Again, take your time, enjoy yourself, get to the point of almost-exploding and then HOLD IT! As you can see, it’s not really going to take too many sessions with the Fleshlight before you’re ready to take on a woman in the flesh. When that happens, you will be able to fall back on your new skill set and go twice as long as you ever have.

My goal for you is to have to keep giving her little nappy times at intervals so that you can perform some more of your lightning show on steroids. If you’ll take my advice on these two things and get with the program, you’ll never ask How Can I Stop Ejaculating Early? again.


The biggest mistake you can make is giving up too quickly.





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